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WOW it’s finally here!  Our new single TIGER SHARK!    So many thanks to local producer Adam Sutherland (infiniti Studios) video director/producer/videographer Darryl LeCraw, Erin Bradley (best makeup guru/PA/everything person), Kristin “Urbanheart” Grant (more bodypaint!) Lucas Erskine (second camera and all around helpful guy).  A big special thanks to all of our kickstarter supporters and cameos! Without you guys, this would not have been possible.

Listen to the Zone 91.3 at 4pm today (Friday) to hear our live interview about the single/video and the song’s first spin on commercial radio!

Download the new single in BandCamp!




Isobel Trigger is The Zone Band of the Month!

That means you can tune into The Zone all day every day to catch Dust and Bones on the radio!

Thanks to The Zone @ 91-3, Modern Rock in Victoria so much for being lovely.

Rock the Royal!!

May 24th 2014!!

May 24th 2014!!

WOW! We could not wait to tell you about this – we are so absolutely thrilled to announce that we will be playing ROCK THE ROYAL!!!

This concert is in celebration of The Royal and McPherson Theatres’ 100th anniversary. 10 amazing local artists will perform originals, as well as songs from the past, celebrating and highlighting Victorias rich rock music scene.

We are so honoured to be a part of this, and to be sharing a stage which such talented artists. We want to thank Atomique Productions, The Zone @ 91-3, and The Royal McPherson Centennial Festival for putting on such an awesome event.

The show will be on Saturday May 24th at the Royal Theatre. To top it all off, The Zone @ 91-3, Modern Rock in Victoria will be giving away tickets during the midday show every other day for the next week.

Felicia, Ariel, Kyle, & Brett!

Rough Child Remix – Dust & Bones

Well it was a tough decision but we’ve chosen THE OFFICIAL DUST AND BONES REMIX! Congrats to the winning DJ – ROUGH CHILD! We want to thank all DJs for their amazing efforts and creativity and give a special shout out to Texture and Light, who blew us away with their originality. We wish we could pick two tracks! Thanks for submitting! We will be posting to our official YouTube channel shortly.

Rough Child remix logo

The winning Dust & Bones remix! Check out the track HERE


Dust and Bones Official Remix Contest

D and B remix poster gradient

ATTENTION ALL DJs: We are looking for an official remix of Dust and Bones! If you want to remix Dust and Bones, e-mail us at, and we’ll send you the stems. We will post all the remixes on our facebook page, and we will be choosing one to be the official remix! The contest deadline is February 20th.

Last show for 3 months!!

Well, 2013 has been an amazing year for us!  We released Dust and Bones, recorded our EP and last week we shot 2 music videos with the help of our amazing director Darryl LeCraw! We hope you’ll join us for our last show of the year Wednesday Dec 4th at Felicita’s pub at 4pm for the last day of classes bash!  Felicia is touring Australia for January and part of February, so we won’t be hitting the stage again until our Single/Video release March 1st at Lucky Bar!1402362_189576187899510_2031937684_o

Isobel Trigger in the Studio!

Isobel Trigger recording our new EP!

Fun times at Echoplant Studios

Just finished up in the studio and couldn’t be more pleased with how things went! Our EP can’t wait to meet your ears! Ryan Worsley was great to work with and we had lots of fun experimenting with new sounds and textures. Next we get to track a song with Adam Sutherland and then we’re start shooting our next music video!  This. Is. So. Exciting.

Kickstarter Success!

Amazing. We exceeded our goal on Kickstarter and we couldn’t be more touched by the incredible amount of support from everyone. Huge thanks to all our friends, family, and fans for believing in this band. We are so excited to create and birth our EP baby, that you helped us conceive. Thank you for showing us that you wanted to hear our music just as much as we want to share it with you.

Hello Halloweekend


Wow what a weekend! We’ve been having so much fun doing three shows in three days with the lovely Marina Marina and playing acoustified versions of our own songs. Cafe Deux Soleil on Friday night had such an amazing and beautiful crowd, and we ended the night just spontaneously jamming out some tunes with Marina Marina and very special guest Brin on keys! Merlin’s Sun House on Saturday night – they’ve redone the stage and the lights and it’s such a special venue in Victoria, and it was incredibly intimate as the seats are so close to the stage. Then we were off to the Duncan Garage Showroom on Sunday, which is always a treat to play, as the sound in there is just phenomenal! All in all, a great weekend. This Friday will be the last stop on our Acoustic Mini Tour and we’ll be playing a Halloween fundraiser with Marina Marina, Jason Verners, and Noah Edwards. All the proceeds will be going towards the Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island! Can’t wait.


BIG NEWS!  Isobel Trigger has launched our first ever KICKSTARTER campaign!  We are recording our new EP in November and we want to make it THE BEST EVER!  So we’re offering all kinds of CRAZY and creative incentives to fans who help back the campaign!  We’ll even write a song for you!  WARNING: this video is rated PG and may contain one swear word and some unsavory claims ;) Check it out HERE