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Edmonton with REND


Can’t wait to go back to Edmonton and hang with our friends REND


Champion Remix Competition

Champion Remix 1

Isobel Trigger is back and ready to crown a new champion. After launching two successful DJ remix competitions in 2014, we are is giving DJs another shot at making an Official Remix for us – this time, it’s for our song Champion.”

This is a glam rock power pop ballad and often cited as the track with the most powerful vocals. Can you handle it?

Remix masters, submit your heart-pounding, bass-pumping magic via a Soundcloud link to

All the submissions will be put into a Soundcloud playlist and shared on all our social media sites. On March 11th, the Top Ten remixes will be announced. We will be looking to our fans to help us pick the winner by liking their favourites on Soundcloud.

The Official Champion Remix will be posted to our YouTube page along with past remix winners.

MARCH 4: Champion Remix Submissions Deadline
MARCH 11: Top Ten Remix Announcement
MARCH 18: Remix Winner Announced

We’ll be using the hashtag #ChampionRemix



Listen to the submissions as they come in and like you favourites:

New Years Eve


Trigger Happy: Road To Tall Tree


Trigger Happy, a documentary that follows us through our summer 2014 festival experiences. It first aired on Shaw TV and now it’s on YouTube.

Big thanks to Sean Behnsen, Alex Newton, and Rasanga Weerasinghe for your hard work in putting this together.

And thanks for all the people from The Zone at 91-3 for your support.

Zone 91.3 Showcase


We’re so excited to announce our Zone 91.3 Band of the Month Showcase show on Nov 28th at Distrikt Nightclub! Check it out on Facebook for more details!



Had such a great time at Rifflandia – thanks to everyone for coming out and dancing your butts off.

Champion Music Video

We’d like to extend a million (yes one MILLION) thanks to Darryl LeCraw (director/everything person) Lucas Erskine (videographer) and Erin Bradley (makeup) for helping us bring our music to life in this rainbow explosion of a video!  The song Champion is one of our favourites;  It has a tasty guitar hook and features a bad-ass bass solo ala Kyle-style! Darryl worked closely with us to settle on the video frame by frame, resulting in a final product that showcases our alt-rock side, pulling between whimsical and powerful.  We will tease you and then pummel you, in a good way, you will like this.

Fall Tour Dates


We are very excited to release all our official tour dates for you. We will be touring with our friends REND from Edmonton.

Tiger Shark Remix Winner


In July 2014 Isobel Trigger released the stems for the song TIGER SHARK – searching for the remix to rule them all. We received 37 submissions from DJs/producers all over the world! It was a tough decision but JONNAS ROY of Mexico clearly stood out with his powerful grooves and excellent production. Check out the top 10 submissions HERE.

Top Ten Tiger Shark Remixes


Well, it was a tough decision but we’ve whittled the Tiger Shark remixes down to ten. We got submissions from DJs all over the world!  Spain, Germany, US,  Finland, Brazil, Estonia, Poland, Ireland, Britain, Norway, Netherlands and France for starers! Making the final choice is going to be majorly difficult.  Help us out by clicking the <3 button on your fave!